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How to migrate to LyncMe

As of 13 April, short links can still direct to their supposed destination – however, users cannot be ready to produce new links. therefore you don’t get to worry regarding your previous short links. which provides much time to urge created on and adjusted to an alternate platform like LyncMe, therefore, you’ll be able to begin making new links.

After language up to LyncMe, it takes simply a number of clicks to shop for a website for your custom short links. It’s reasonable too, with countless domains on the market for simply $2. instead, if you already own a website that you just would love to use, you’ll be able to simply hook it up.

Our guide to best practices for making links with LyncMe could be a sensible place to begin once turning into at home with our platform. It provides insights into what to contemplate once selecting a website too.

Once you’ve got your domain created, you’ll be able to scrutinize the platform with our free arrange – or if your business is well-established, you’ll be able to opt for one among our paid plans and cash in of their advanced options.

If you’ve got a large business with an oversized team behind you, scrutinize our enterprise guide for associate degree in-depth walkthrough managing permissions, groups and also the links created across your organization. Or, take a glance at this handy list if you would like to to urge started quick.

Once you’re able to go, LyncMe has browser extensions, apps and integrations which will build link shortening work swimmingly into your workflows. the automated link detection feature of our Chrome plug-in can build your promoting team additional economical and productive. The LyncMe support team is on the market to produce facilitate once you’re beginning out and any time afterward.

If there’s the rest you’ve got queries on, scrutinize the ‘Get Started’ section of our knowledge domain or book a decision with our sales team below.